Cyra Live

HELLO!! My name is Cyra. This is my little website I made to show off my music and stuff. I hope you like it. I’m just a woman from Seattle putting my imagination to use. That includes my music, videos, and even this website. If it wasn’t for this music “career,” I wouldn’t be doing anything interesting. All of this is an excuse to get creative and have fun (even if the results are pretty somber… oopsy). Either way, I hope you enjoy exploring this site and my music.

Photos by Ali Rowenna for WASH Magazine

Cyra Live


What are your biggest musical influences?

The Beatles, J Dilla, Bladee, Yabujin, Slowdive, and Soccer Mommy have been the biggest influences on the music I have put out so far. That being said, I’m fairly eclectic listener and try to pull from as much stuff as I can to make my music!! The end goal is a feeling. A world. Something you can get lost in. I also take a bit of influence from old vocal jazz groups like The Singers Unlimited and Mary Lou William’s pieces “St. Martin de Porres” and “The Devil”. I love vocal harmonies more than most things on this planet.

How long have you been playing music?

All my life, essentially. I grew up in a very musical household, surrounded by people who played a variety of instruments in many different settings. I wrote my first two songs with my dad when I was six. It was also my first time using Logic, which is the DAW I still use! I’ve been playing drums since I was at least in the thirds grade, though I can’t quite remember what age I actually started. I also picked up bass very early because my dad is a bassist. I have been messing around with keys and guitar all my life, though I really started playing guitar regularly in 2017.